Library Advisory Committee

Committee Membership

  • Johanna Bjork, Library Director
  • Mercedes D. Pearson, IR&E Representative
  • Angela C. Meek, E-Learning Representative
  • Two Faculty members (2 year assignment; staggered terms)
    • Dr. Emily Carstens, Social Sciences Division, Assistant Professor - Collaborates/represents the Library within the internal campus, this includes Divisions and Departments, focus on standards of Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.
    • Jennifer D. Gardner, Professional Studies - Collaborates/represents the Library with the external campus, including expectations of external accrediting bodies.
  • Madison (Maddie) Birdsell, Student Representative

Statement of Purpose

The Library Advisory Committee serves as the primary faculty, student, and staff advisory body to the Director of the Library. Its primary roles in representing campus faculty, students, and staff include:

  • Meet the guidelines/requirements established by the Northwest commission on Colleges and Universities (Standard 2.E).
  • Advise on funding needs necessary to efficiently provide the type and quality of services and materials needed by the college community.
  • Advise on general policies related to the currency, quality/depth of collections, services, instruction program, and infrastructure, and as well as on major new initiatives and assessment processes.
    • Evaluate how well the Library supports the research needs of the LC State College Community.
    • Determine best methods to track student/faculty/staff usage data to support the Library Assessment and accreditation requirements.
  • Participate in strategic visioning with corresponding bench marking.
  • Facilitate communication with and obtaining feedback from the college community on library collections, programs, services, infrastructure, and communication mechanisms.

Committee Vision

Our vision is that the Library Advisory Committee will expand opportunities to influence:

  • Programming initiatives and collaboration opportunities.
  • Collection development, maintenance, and resource recommendations.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Appropriate development of Library space to meet the changing needs of the College's population.
  • Assessment processes.
  • Bench marking criteria.
  • In general, effect change in the Library.


The Library Advisory Committee will convene twice a semester.

Past Members

FY 2020-2021

  • Charles A. Addo-Quaye, Liberal Arts - Collaborated/represented the Library within the internal campus, this included Divisions and Departments, focus on standards of Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.