Want to become a Registered Nurse? Or, perhaps you are a Registered Nurse and wish to advance your career options with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN). Start your journey with us today and we will help you find the right path.

Explore 4 Pathways to the BSN

Which track applies to you?

For students with no previous nursing degree who wish to become a Registered Nurse.

Learn how to apply to the Basic Track

For students that have graduated from a practical nursing program and hold a valid LPN/LVN license.

Learn how to apply to the LPN to BSN track

For students that are currently enrolled in an Associate degree nursing program at select community colleges and wish to earn their BSN concurrently with their AS.

Learn how to apply to the CC to BSN track

For students that have graduated or are about to graduate from an associate degree RN program and hold a valid RN license.

Learn how to apply to the RN to BSN track

About Us

To be recognized as a pioneering nursing program responsive to the needs and expectations of our students and other stakeholders.

To provide a supportive student-centered learning environment that prepares nursing graduates with the

  • knowledge and skills to meet the nursing needs of the clients they serve
  • ability to become engaged citizens, advocates, and lifelong learners
  • competencies to be effective nurse leaders

  1. Graduates who are well prepared to function as a baccalaureate nurse in various healthcare settings.
  2. Graduates who are well prepared to participate as a member of interdisciplinary healthcare teams.
  3. Graduates who are well prepared to understand and assume leadership roles in the healthcare system.
  4. Stakeholders who are satisfied with the BSN curriculum and educational experience.
  5. Students who graduate from the program.

  • We focus on Patient Safety and Quality of Care.
  • We embrace the art of nursing as reflected through Professional Values and Ethical Principles.
  • We value Partnerships, Teamwork, and Interprofessional Collaboration.
  • We emphasize the science of nursing through Quality Improvement and Evidence-Based Practice.
  • We create an Inclusive environment that promotes Diversity.

The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) is a nationwide examination for the licensing of nurses in the United States. First-time NCLEX-RN pass rates for our pre-licensure BSN graduates are as follows:

  • 2021: 94.87%
  • 2020: 92.96%
  • 2019: 95.74%

As per the Idaho State Board of Nursing NCLEX pass rates by school.

Additional NCLEX Exam Statistics can be found on the NCSBN.org website.