The RN to BSN track offers flexible scheduling, online coursework and allows you to complete your BSN in as few as 9 months. Average cost: $9,628.

This track is for nurses who already have their RN license (or are currently in an Associate degree RN program) and wish to further their education by obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Nursing. This online program will expand your knowledge and skills beyond the clinical aspects of nursing.

How to Apply

Application Instructions -- Read First

  1. Apply and be admitted to Lewis-Clark State College. Apply Now!
  2. Complete RN to BSN Application

Applications will be reviewed at the end of each month and you will be notified of your admission within 2-4 weeks via LCMail email. To ensure timely notification, keep the NHS office informed of any change in name and/or email address.

  • Incomplete applications will not be considered. Check your LCMail account frequently during the admission process as important messages are communicated to you through this means.

Provisionally admitted students must meet minimum admission standards at the semester’s end. Failure to meet admission criteria will result in forfeiture of provisional admission status. Students who continue to meet all admission criteria will be considered fully admitted.

Make an appointment with your BSN advisor early in the application process to review your transcripts, create an appropriate plan of study, and discuss the Idaho State Nursing Articulation Plan/ Escrow credits. Graduates must meet all Idaho General Education core requirements, complete 32 residency credits, 36 upper division credits, and a total of 120-semester credits.

  • Statistics, must be passed with a C (2.0) or better
  • General Education Core
    • Generally, you are Core Complete if you receive an Associate of Arts/Science degree from your previous college, or complete all of LCSC’s General Education Core requirements.
    • An Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree may not satisfy General Education Core requirements. Please contact a Program Advisor to assess your academic standing.

Transfer courses must meet LCSC equivalency to be eligible. For transfer equivalencies, please visit TES:College Source.

For a preliminary evaluation of transfer credits, you may email unofficial transcripts to an NHS Program Advisor at [email protected].

There are two (2) courses which require a volunteer service component:

  • NU 442: Practicum in Population Health
  • NU 478: Practicum in Leadership for the RN

Please be aware that some agencies may require a background check and/or other requirements for volunteer service, and that it is your responsibility to ensure these requirements are met.

RN to BSN applications will be accepted year round, however classes are only offered Fall, Spring and Summer semesters and you must apply to the college by the following dates:

  • August 8th for Fall semester start
  • January 8th for Spring semester start
  • May 8th for Summer semester start

Frequently Asked Questions

The RN-BSN track is designed so that you can create a schedule that works for you. You will develop an individualized plan of study with your nursing advisor. On average, students who are working full-time enroll in 5-7 credits per semester (2-3 classes) and complete the program in 16 months by attending year-round. For students who take courses concurrently with their Assoc. RN program or who desire an accelerated schedule, the program can be completed in less time. There is no penalty for not completing the program within a prescribed time — if you prefer a slower pace, you can enroll in one class at a time or take summers off. 

Yes.  If you are currently enrolled in an associate degree program, you can enroll in pre-licensure RN-BSN courses and concurrently work on your associate degree and bachelor’s degree. The pre-licensure courses may also be taken while you prepare for the NCLEX-RN®.  However, you will need to pass the NCLEX® before enrolling in any of the courses that require an RN license.

You will take two hands-on practicum courses that allow you to put what you are learning into practice. These are project-based courses and you create and design the best project for you. One course is population health-oriented (NU 442) and the other is leadership based (NU 478). While you may work with a mentor or supervisor on these projects, there are no traditional clinical hours required to complete the program. In NU 442, local community health agencies may serve as clinical sites, which could require you to be available during normal business hours. NU 478 is most often completed at your place of employment. 

Yes, direct transfer and challenge exam processes are available. Please speak with your BSN advisor.  Additional information may be found in the NHS Student Handbook.