Business Informatics

Combine your passion for business and computers and embark on a career path that's wide open and in high demand.

Degree Options Bachelor's
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For students interested in a career involving both business and computers, this degree is perfect. Students will develop expertise in computer science through courses such as systems analysis, application software development, web development, and database design, while becoming familiar with all areas of business through courses in areas such as accounting, business law, and management. The result of the program is a well-rounded and highly marketable graduate who can leverage the power of software and hardware to enhance various areas of business operations. 

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• Financial Manager, $134,180
• Business Operations Manager, $99,310
• Human Resources Manager, $121,200
• Cost estimator $66,610
• Economist, $120,830
• Human Resources Specialist, $63,490
• Training and Development Specialist, $62,700
• Advertising/Promotions Manager, $141,490
• Statistician, $92,170

Career data and salary information sourced from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Bachelor's: Business Informatics

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Lewiston, Coeur d'Alene, Online

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