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Gain the skills you need to start a rewarding career in the booming world of web design and development.

Contemporary front-end and back-end web technologies is the core of the curriculum. Course work includes applying current trends in web technology, standards, and applications to real-world projects. Successful students will be able to work in development teams and effectively communicate in the web design and development industry. Upon completion of this degree, students will demonstrate the ability to publish and update websites and set up a domain; construct and design a webpage, site, and application using standards-driven HTML and CSS; implement event-driven programming on a webpage using JavaScript; distinguish between content management systems and demonstrate their use and utility; and complete a web design and development portfolio.

Related Careers

• Web developer and digital interface designer, $77,200
• Web designer, $49,600
• Front-end developer, $76,200
• Back-end developer, $72,043
• User interface designer, $84,321
• User experience designer, $92,725

Career data and salary information is from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

“If I were to say what this degree did for me, it would be that it opened my mind to new ways of thinking ... The success at that moment when everything is done, there is nothing like it.” - Maribel Cervantes ‘17, BAS

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