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Check Run Reminder from AP: 
For a department to have a payment made on a Wednesday (Jaggaer) Check Run, it must have all of its items approved, receipted, and invoice provided (if applicable) by the end of the Monday of that week. Please add all attachments correctly (instructions). If this is for Account Payable (AP) to process, please make sure to add Calahan McAlister, Amanda Taylor, and Catherine O'Shaughnessy to the comments. This will give AP, Travel, and Jane Johnson Tuesday to complete all of the invoicing and allow time to review the vouchers before payment is issued on Wednesday. The Jaggaer Check Run will start at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, no later. If a department adds their receipts on Tuesday there is no guarantee that it will get processed that week for the check run.


Please remember to always enter receipts.

  • If your item is less expensive than the PO price, simply receipt the quantity and make a note to pay the invoice price.
  • You will do this for all types of orders - Punchout orders, Non-catalog orders, and ICPs -  with the exception of Check Requests, Payment Requests, and Athletic Team Travel Requests.
  • Punchout vendors: often they will invoice through Jaggaer upon shipment, which prompts an email to you to enter a receipt. Please wait until you actually receive your item(s), but then enter your receipt as soon as you do.
  • Non-catalog vendors: Please enter a receipt as soon as you receive your item(s) or service(s).


Reminder about Receipts:
Sometimes people hear the word "receipt" and think of a slip of paper that they get at the store. When we remind you to enter receipts in Jaggaer, we are not talking about actual slips of paper. We just want you to follow the instructions below to indicate on the Jaggaer PO that your item or service has been received. That way, when AP gets the invoice (either directly from the vendor or, if the invoice was sent to you, when you upload the invoice following the instructions below), they know that it's approved to pay.

Creating Receipts 1 Simple scenario, items received match the items on the PO (price, quantity)

Creating Receipts 2 You're only indicating receipt of part of the PO total, or the price is a little different
How to Attach an Invoice and Notify Accounts Payable The vendor sent the invoice directly to you


 Independent Contractor Payments

  • ICP requests should be entered in advance of the services being performed.
  • We should have an approved Purchase Order in place in Jaggaer prior to any work being done.
  • At the time of approval/finalization of Purchase Order, a copy of the PO will be emailed to the Independent Contractor as a record. They should refer to this PO number on invoicing.
  • Remember that you will do a Receipt to indicate that the services have been performed.

Instructions for entering ICP Requests

Distribution Method for Vendors
Every Purchase Order is sent from Jaggaer to the vendor. Punchout vendors are transmitted site-to-site, but non-catalog vendors are emailed. Whenever you enter the vendor on a req, please remember to check the Distribution Method box and ensure that there is an email address feeding over from Colleague. If there isn't one, please type in the vendor's email address. (You can also override the existing email address if you're sending the PO to a different email address than is on record.) Let Purchasing know if you'd like us to enter an email on the vendor's permanent record.