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Jaggaer eProcurement System

LC State has implemented Jaggaer, an online procurement system that provides an end-to-end online experience for the entire procurement process. Jaggaer includes eProcurement, Accounts Payable, and Contracts Management modules.

Jaggaer was implemented in a combined project with Idaho State University, Boise State University, and the University of Idaho. The Jaggaer eProcurement system was selected by the Idaho State Board of Education to align our higher education institutions purchasing power.

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Training and Resources


Contact Purchasing to Request Jaggaer Training.

More training opportunities to come - check back for updates!

Jaggaer Process Guides



  • How to Shop/Assign Cart
    • Shop for items, fill a cart, then send your cart to your department's Requester to complete the budget info and submit the order.

REQUESTER Role - Submitting Requisitions

REQUESTER Role - Submitting Other Types of Orders

REQUESTER Role - Making Changes

REQUESTER Role - Receipting/Attaching Invoices

  • How to Enter Receipts 1
    • The process to create a receipt has been simplified to the Quantity Receipt option
    • Receipts are required for all Purchase Orders, except these specific request types:
      Check Request, Payment Request and Team Travel Advance (Athletics).
    • Requesters will enter a receipt for the Purchase Order when goods are received and services rendered.
  • How to Enter Receipts 2
    • Sometimes you've entered a PO using estimated pricing. Sometimes you will not receive all items on a PO. Follow these steps to indicate that you've received an item and expect the invoices to differ from the PO prices, and to alert AP that all items will
      not be received.
  • How to Attach an Invoice and Notify AP
    • If the invoice is sent to the Requester instead of to Accounts Payable, how and where to attach it to the PO and flag AP.

REQUESTER Role - Misc.

  • How to Separate One Cart Into Two (or More)
    • When you have multiple orders in your cart (to more than one vendor) and want to proceed with only part of the contents; this will show you how to set aside the parts you don't want to order immediately by creating a new cart.
  • How to Submit a Supplier Request Form
    • How to request that a new vendor be added to Jaggaer.
  • How to Check PO Receipt Status and Save A Favorite Search
    • This shows how to check your POs to see which ones still need receipts, and it demonstrates how to customize the results on your dashboard so that you can easily see what is waiting for action from you.
  • How to Make a PDF of a Purchase Order
    • If you need to resend the Purchase Order to a vendor, or print it. (Note that Jaggaer automatically emails the Purchase Order to the vendor using the email in the Colleague record or the one the Requestor has entered when entering the requisition. This is simply for scenarios where the vendor requests that it be sent again.)
  • How to Set Up an Alternate Address for Computer Orders
    • For departments not on the main campus. IT requests that all computers be delivered to the main campus prior to being routed to satellite offices.


Jaggaer Navigation Videos:

System Navigation

Topics: Site navigation (how to set bookmarks), user profile management (update shipping address in the user profile, set default account codes), and user permissions

Applicable to: ALL Roles

Punchout Catalog Shopping

Topics: How to shop on a punchout catalog, return to the cart, and proceed to checkout (assign cart or place the order). How to assign a Cart Assignee.

Applicable to: Shopper, Requester

Non-Catalog Shopping

Topics: How to shop from a non-catalog supplier, proceed to checkout (assign cart or place the order).  How to add notes or attachments (such as quotes from vendors).

Applicable to: Shopper, Requester

Ordering From Assigned Cart

Topics: How to find an assigned cart, edit, return cart with notes to Shopper, assign the cart to another requester. How to find issues that need correction, make corrections, and place orders. How to see the next steps in “What’s next for my order?”.

Applicable to: Requester

Approving Requisitions

Topics: How to find requisitions to approve and quick view and view full details of the requisition.  How to Assign to Self, return to requisitioner, reject a requisition, forward approval, view “What’s next”, and approve. How to review requisitions you have approved.

Applicable to: Approver


Other Resources

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