Welcome to PaymentWorks

LC State has implemented PaymentWorks, a digital vendor management and payment security platform, to streamline vendor onboarding and facilitate electronic payments.

In the upcoming months, current vendors will receive email notifications guiding them through the registration process with PaymentWorks.   All new and existing vendors are required to register in PaymentWorks. 

What to expect:

  • LC State will send an email notification to vendors, requesting the appropriate contact to receive the PaymentWorks invitation.
  • Vendors will receive the PaymentWorks registration invite from LC State. 
  • Upon creating a PaymentWorks profile, vendors will be guided to the PaymentWorks registration form.  
  • The completed registration form will be validated by PaymentWorks and LC State, and once approved, vendors will be notified via email.  
  • Vendors are now connected to LC State in PaymentWorks.  All updates to company and payment information should be made in the PaymentWorks platform.

Resources for Vendors:

Resources for Employees:

Why PaymentWorks?

PaymentWorks is vendor management platform that provides the following services:

  • Collection and update of vendor information
  • Validation/Verification of vendor information, including:
    • Banking information
    • Addresses
    • Tax Identification Numbers (EIN or SSN)
  • Vendor verification checks to ensure compliance with federal grant and Idaho statutes