Grade Change

A grade change must be submitted by the instructor using the Grade Change Form on WarriorWeb. A grade change will be accepted up to one year after the course term.

Once the new grade is changed by the Registrar's Office staff, the student can view their grade on WarriorWeb. The Registrar’s Office will send a notification to the student via their LCMail account notifying them when the grade change has been processed. For additional information, see the Grade Appeal procedure outlined in the catalog.

Grade Appeal

If a student believes they received an incorrect or unfair grade, that student should follow the steps outlined in the Grade Appeal/Grievances/Complaints Policy 5.310.

This policy does not apply to a grade given for alleged academic dishonesty or unsafe clinical practice. Academic dishonesty shall be treated as a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and shall be determined under the Code of Conduct rules. Unsafe clinical practice shall be handled by the procedures established by the relevant divisions. In the case the instructor is no longer at the institution, the responsibility for representing the original instructor’s interests rests with the division chair or his/her designee.