Students seeking exceptions to College policy must submit a petition form signed following the instructions on page 2, a signed letter explaining the situation and why they are petitioning, and any supporting documents to the Registrar’s Office (RCH 108) for review by the Petition Committee. The Registrar's Office submits all information to the Petition Committee for review.

Petitions are reviewed on a weekly basis by the Petition Committee. The student and advisor are notified by email as soon as the Petition Committee has made a decision.

Actions that are decided by the Petition Committee include reinstatement after academic suspension, late drops, late adds, credit overloads, late total withdrawals, and and miscellaneous reason you the student has been told has to be petitioned.

The role of the Petition Committee is to consider exceptions to LC State College policy. The Committee balances the needs of the student with institutional integrity.

Petition Form