The PLMSS Division hosts Work Scholars to do research, help in the garden and our offices, and work with Faculty, Staff and Students to carry out the essential operations. For information about the Work Scholars program, and to apply, please see the main Work Scholars webpage.

Gabrielle in the lab

Open PLMSS Work Scholar Positions

Air Chemistry / Data Research Technician -Dr. Nancy Johnston

Students will work in the Air Chemistry Research Lab where active research on various projects in the LC Valley and elsewhere are taking place. Focus is on measuring air pollution in areas of concern and reporting results to the scientific community (and/or public). Twp position types available:

·       Laboratory technician: Collect air samples on campus, and in LC valley, run air samples with GC-MS instrument, solution prep and standardization, data processing of samples

·       Data technician: Quality checking raw data, organizing data, programming data to final form - knowledge or ability to learn “R” or similar database language preferred

Research Laboratory Technician -Dr. Eric Stoffregen

Assist in biomedical research investigating Blm DNA helicase, a protein involved in preventing DNA damage and cancer. We use Drosophila melanogaster (the fruit fly) as a model organism for addressing questions regarding the functions of Blm and the consequences of development lacking Blm protein. The Work Scholar position begins at the entry level, learning the skills and knowledge necessary to perform genetic and molecular biology experiments with flies and advances to supervisory and training roles in later years.  

Herbarium and Vertebrate Collections Assistant

The herbarium and vertebrate collections assistant works in our teaching collection, engaging in the maintenance and improvement of an active collection of specimens primarily from the inland Northwest.  Duties include preparation, cataloging and verification of specimen identifications. We will be hiring for fall of 2023.

Recruiting and Marketing Assistant

Come help us in our Division office!

Update social media sites, participate and plan in on-campus recruitment and retention events, assist with creation of recruitment materials, offer administrative assistance as needed in the PLMSS Division Office and ACW.