How to Apply

Congratulations! You're taking the first step on a very exciting and rewarding part of your academic experience! It can be a little daunting, though - where do you even start? The first thing is to choose a program. After that, you can meet with your advisors and apply to the program.

Application Deadlines:

Meet With Your Advisor

There are several advisors on campus that will assist you through the process of selecting and participating in a study away program.

Your first point of contact should be your academic advisor. It's important to bring up the idea of study away as early as you can in your time at LCSC, as this will help you and your advisor plan ahead and structure your course plans. If there is a professor you are especially close to, you might also consider asking for their advice; they may have studied away or have colleagues in other places they can use as resources to help you!

Another important advisor will be your financial aid advisor. Understanding your financial options and limitations is essential, as money is the barrier most often cited by students who don't follow through on their plans to study away. The Financial Aid Associate Director, Travis Osburn, is very familiar with study away issues and is a good place to start.

Finally, the Study Away Coordinator, will be your advisor throughout the study away process. The Coordinator assists with program selection, all applications and pre-departure paperwork, concerns and issues encountered while studying away and returnee issues and paperwork.

Before You Meet With the SA Coordinator

Please visit our Choosing a Program page and come prepared with some thoughts about your preference relative to the factors listed on that page.

Apply to the Program

Once you've made your choice, you should feel a great sense of accomplishment - this is often the hardest part of studying away! The rest, as they say, is mostly paperwork!

Contact the Study Away Coordinator when you've made your decision to begin the application process. Just a reminder - you need at least 30 credits and a 2.75 GPA to be eligible!

Study Away Advising Form

Study Away Application