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Summer 2020

  • Alternating Tuesdays 9 -10 am: 30 minute workshop + 30 minute group work and sharing. These workshops will be recorded. 
  • Alternating Wednesdays noon - 1 pm: 30 minute check in + 30 minutes content discussion as time permits
  • We will connect zoom. Please contact Rachel for accommodations.
  • If you are faculty, please join the pedagogy facebook group for continued discussion.

June 2/3

Tuesday at 9

Wednesday at 12


(Re)designing for significant learning, including figuring out how to be flexible with modes of delivery 

Reexamining goals you are passionate about in light of situational factors, and considering how to meet those goals flexibly.

June 16/17

Tuesday at 9

Wednesday at 12

Teaching in the future/Teaching for the future 

Let’s imagine that we get to completely invent college education, and teaching. What would it look like? What can we do now? Can we also reimagine Multicultural Awareness Week??

June 30/July 1

Tuesday at 9

Wednesday at 12

Building relationships in an online world 

Building honest and supportive professional relationships with students and each other is an important part of teaching well, as is building a classroom community. Here we consider strategies for long term community building, and positive everyday communication. 

July 14

Tuesday at 9


Starting Fall 2020

Flexible syllabi, getting to know students, organizing modified face to face classes, positive messaging, communication, and more.

July 28/29

Tuesday at 9

Wednesday at 12

Teaching wellbeing  

Meditation, organizational skills, strategies to relieve stress, food security and other elements of well-being.

Plus, faculty wellbeing: how do we set boundaries, protect ourselves, our time, and what matters most to each us?

August 4/5

Tuesday at 9

Wednesday at 12

IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity and anti-racism): Lessons learned and paths to follow, with rollout of new website

How has your picture of inclusion, diversity, equity and anti-racism changed in SP20? What are considerations and tools for addressing inequities moving forward? What projects or solutions are you considering implementing?

August 20 

noon - 3:00 pm

Welcome Back Workshops 


New room technology with IT and CTL (Corey and Rachel)

Canvas with e-Learning (Carrie and Angela)

Noon – 1:30 pm

Open rooms for trying out different ways to set-up owl, fixed camera, go-pros, and use projector to test out how to set up rooms for group work, seminars, discussions, lectures, labs, etc.

Nuts and bolts

1:30- 3:00 pm

Cool stuff for student engagement

Fall 2020

Book club book: Radical Hope

TBD Associate to Full professor jamboree
TBD OER with Harold
 TBD Hidden opportunities for Leadership at LC State: committee chairing, project leadership, leadership in the classroom, and the webs that connect us.  
TBD Writing productive job description
TBD Integrating the arts, sciences, and philosophy in a gen ed core class - Rhett

Sketchnoting - Hilary Gruehl-Laughrey

Our series on joy, meaning and creativity in the classroom continues with award winning 9th grade teacher Hilary Gruehl-Laughrey. In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how sketchnoting can be used to help students engage with notetaking and think about material in news ways. Hilary will share assignments, how to make notetaking meaningful (not necessarily beautiful), and plenty of examples to get you and your students started on your sketchnoting journey.


Spoken Word with Lady Mariposa (IPC)- Veronica Sandoval is a spoken word artist who writes under the name Lady Mariposa. She is currently a Doctoral Candidate in American Studies at Washington State University and is the WSU 2019 Campus Civic Poet as awarded by the Martin Luther King Program in the Department of Equity and Diversity. Veronica believes that poetry, and poetry performance is of vital importance; it has the power to create organic engagement in communities that are often left outside of traditional academic discourse. Her poetry has been a catalyst to her scholarship interests and has been the way that that she has met and collaborated with many amazing scholars, writers, artists, community members, and students. Her writing has appeared in several anthologies throughout the 20 years in which she has been performing. Research interests that she engages through writing and pedagogical praxis includes: Chicana, Intersectional and Global Feminism; Queer Theory, the Chola Pinup/Chola Vida Network, the Ovarian Psycos, Adelitas, Pachucas, homegirl aesthetics, chola agency, and an emphasis on Chicana feminist epistemology that centers community knowledges and Chicana legacies of resistance. 

[Organized by Darci Graves]


Using NVIVO software for qualitative research - Jennifer Gardner 


IPC reflection

This will be a gathering for all who have done IPC work this year or are interested in learning more about IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, and anti-racism). Individuals who are working on the Inclusive Practices Certificate and those who are participating informally are invited to share the work they have done and questions or suggestions for future projects for our campus. 


Belonging Project Panel (IPC) - Amanda VanLanen

Faculty participants in the Belonging Project will share the exciting results of their work to improve students’ sense of belonging. When students feel like they belong, they are more likely to persist and succeed. Faculty will share their ideas for creating classrooms where students feel like they belong and have something to contribute.


Spring 2021

Book club book (tentative): Small Teaching Online


 TBD  Regularly occuring (and always available by request)
  • Design Charrettes for problem solving in online classes with Carrie  
  • Authentic Learning - Ayo, Nina
  • Synthesis and Critical thinking - Lloyd
  • Productive uses of cell phones - Kerensa
  • Reflection with Michelle and Ella-Mae
  • Plagiarism Prevention
  • Community Building
  • Hidden curriculum 
  • Crisis training
  • Crumping
  • How to distinguish between real and fake news - Johanna Bjork
  • Multicultural counseling with Manee
  • Finding Joy - Royal
  • Joy and meaning in teaching online - Jenny
  • Belonging project meeting - Amanda
  • Academic Leadership: how to build teams with students that are competitive
  • Writing Across the Curriculum - Mary
  • Managing student engagement and student expectations
  • Intergroup Dialogue - Holly
  • Idaho’s 5 tribes and the unique relationship between LCSC and the Nez Perce Nation - Bob 
  •  Direction and job description writing - Jenny
  • Self-insight, reflection and direction - Jenny 
  • 6 apps in 60 minutes - Carrie
  • Considerations for an Inclusive Classroom (IPC) - Julie and Spencer
  • "Creating an environment where integrity and ethics matter"
  • Snagit and microlectures with Carrie Kyser and Angela Meek
  • Designing garden-based experiential learning activities and co-teaching activities
  • Guided Inquiry Workshop Design Group 
  • Online engagement
  • Course Design
    • overview
    • outcomes
    • active learning
    • assessment (classroom assessment techniques)
  • Introduction to Observation
  • How We Connect Learning to Life, Big and Small
  • Gaming - Angela Wartel
  • Providing useful feedback to students/effective and efficient Grading - Rachel

note: An asterisk in front of a name indicates that the event organizer is not the CTL. Please contact organizers of asterisked events directly if you have questions. All other events have been organized by the CTL and inquiries can be directed to tlc@lcsc.edu.