The CNC Machining Technology program provides training that prepares students to set and operate manufacturing equipment, handle inspection devices, analyze production problems, and the potential to move into supervision of manufacturing. The program provides a balance between practical training in manufacturing processes and technical education in manufacturing analysis, planning, and control with supporting emphasis in communications, mathematics, science and business.  Students obtain a strong background in machining, engineering graphics, material handling and processing, computers (CADD/CAM, CIM, CNC), manufacturing analysis and planning, and leadership skills.

Entrance Requirements

  • Aleks score in Math of 30 or higher, Writing Placement Exam of 2 or higher, or qualify for MTHPT-137 and ENGL-101.
  • Enrollment priority will be given to students on the basis of student's advising date.

Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge of safety in work place and use of tools safely
  • Material knowledge of metals and synthetics to relate to the machining process
  • Machine cutting tools and their designed use including speeds and feeds
  • Knowledge of work holding as it relates to machine shop equipment which include jigs and fixturing and correct machining order
  • Ability to program, edit, setup, and operate CNC lathes and milling machines. Students will be able to produce a variety of parts from 2-D CAD files
  • Able to create swept surfaces, ruled surfaces, projected surfaces, surfaces of revolution, and Coons surfaces
  • Application of proper utilization of tool length libraries and tool step-over distances to produce 3-D parts within specified surface finish requirements
  • Analysis and planning of manufacturing procedures in the development of a project plan, schedule and control of the project

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