The Communications & Marketing Office is the point of contact with the media. This includes all media inquiries, the preparation and distribution of all college news releases and announcements (except for athletics), emergency notifications, and video and photography permission.

For the Media

The Communications & Marketing Office is the primary point of contact for the media. Please contact either Director Logan Fowler at 208-792-2200 with any inquiries. Inquiries can also be sent to the shared office email account [email protected]. Local media outlets will receive campus parking passes prior to the school year along with parking instructions.
The Communications & Marketing Office is aware of media deadlines and will work diligently with all media to make sure campus personnel and students respond to their requests once the media has contacted the Communications & Marketing Office with their request.

Campus Access

Media members are asked to contact the Communications & Marketing Office to receive permission to (1) do a live broadcast from the college campus, (2) to enter classrooms, laboratories, or similar facilities, and (3) to enter any college-owned residence halls. This is to ensure there is no interference with college classes or activities, and also to protect student privacy at their residence. Permission is also needed to film or shoot photos inside most campus buildings.

Commercial and non-news filming/photos

Because LC State is a state institution and supported by taxpayer dollars, the campus cannot be used to promote political candidates/agendas or products. All commercial and non-news filming/photography must receive approval in advance from the Communications & Marketing Office.

Emergency Situations

If there is a campus emergency, the media will be directed to a designated area of campus and must wear a media ID badge so they are easily identified. The point of contact will still be the Communications & Marketing Office and access to certain areas of campus may be limited for safety or security reasons.

Aerial view of the LCSC campus and MLH building

Emergency Planning and Preparedness

This site is your resource for information on how you can plan and prepare for critical incidents on campus and learn what to do in the event of an emergency.