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Upcoming Web Editor Training: October, 2024

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Web Editor Access

Web editors play an important role when it comes to LC State's overall brand. Communications & Marketing maintains the overall style and presentation of the college's website, web editors are essential in maintaining, creating, and updating content.

Although any LC State employee can log in to create their campus directory profile, trained web editors have expanded backend website access to edit pages, view their unpublished content, and more.

All web editors at LC State must have a legitimate need to editor their department/office website. They must undergo basic web editor training before being granted web editor access.

If you have questions or need help please submit a Website ticket - or email [email protected].

Important Info for Web Editors

  • "Schedule an appointment" interface with Outlook calendars
  • "Time" option in Date List component
  • Ability to resize photos - Done
  • Text searchable within collapsible panels
  • Carousel of photos and captions (e.g. peer mentor carousel)
  • Ability to add a table within a panel
  • Ability to left- or right-justify a table caption
  • Ability to search instructor bios by keyword(s)
  • Working link feature in Date List (allow link labels)
  • Support mailto: and tel: link types
  • Ability to choose a size of Media component - Done
  • Grid style teaser list (like the post-body content teaser list) in body content
  • Ability to feed events by type onto webpages
  • Create custom video component for division videos created by marketing (currently being used in most division page hero/headers - Done
  • Ability to link from a media component to either webpage or document
  • Notes below the operating hours in contact information - Done
  • In teaser links to external pages, option to open in new tab
  • Single CTA bar link (similar to the button in the current system)
  • GPA calculator
  • Columned List
  • Contact component that includes body text.  Use cases, would be for club advisors or student staff.  Stylized version of this club contact list.
  • Add a color background as an option for the page header
  • Allow editors to create a profile within the Employee Profile List component.  This would be used for non-LCSC employees for instances like committee members.
  • Add options to increase Degree Finder columns (default is 2).
  • Ability to add Zoom link in the Office hours section of the contact component.
  • Component similar to the look of the program finder tiles that could house how-to videos.
  • Ability to randomly show a subset of student testimonials from a database of 100 records.  Request by Kacey Diemert.
  • Stylized link box
  • Ability to create a filterable table.  Request by Suzanne Rousseau (will provide more details).
  • Add Paypal option in Umbraco Forms

Resources for Editors

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