Umbraco Web Editors

Upcoming Training: June, 2023

How to Log into Umbraco:

*Remember that Umbraco is only accessible on campus or through VPN.

If you have questions or need help please submit a Website ticket - or email [email protected].

Important Info for Web Editors

List of Web Editors and their assignments.

  • "Schedule an appointment" interface with Outlook calendars
  • "Time" option in Date List component
  • Ability to resize photos - Done
  • Text searchable within collapsible panels
  • Carousel of photos and captions (e.g. peer mentor carousel)
  • Ability to add a table within a panel
  • Ability to left- or right-justify a table caption
  • Ability to search instructor bios by keyword(s)
  • Working link feature in Date List (allow link labels)
  • Support mailto: and tel: link types
  • Ability to choose a size of Media component - Done
  • Grid style teaser list (like the post-body content teaser list) in body content
  • Ability to feed events by type onto webpages
  • Create custom video component for division videos created by marketing (currently being used in most division page hero/headers - Done
  • Ability to link from a media component to either webpage or document
  • Notes below the operating hours in contact information - Done
  • In teaser links to external pages, option to open in new tab
  • Single CTA bar link (similar to the button in the current system)
  • GPA calculator
  • Columned List
  • Contact component that includes body text.  Use cases, would be for club advisors or student staff.  Stylized version of this club contact list.
  • Add a color background as an option for the page header
  • Allow editors to create a profile within the Employee Profile List component.  This would be used for non-LCSC employees for instances like committee members.
  • Add options to increase Degree Finder columns (default is 2).
  • Ability to add Zoom link in the Office hours section of the contact component.
  • Component similar to the look of the program finder tiles that could house how-to videos.
  • Ability to randomly show a subset of student testimonials from a database of 100 records.  Request by Kacey Diemert.
  • Stylized link box
  • Ability to create a filterable table.  Request by Suzanne Rousseau (will provide more details).
  • Add Paypal option in Umbraco Forms

Resources for Editors

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