DUO - Authentication

The first time a user accesses the DUO Prompt once enrolled, Duo evaluates the supported authentication methods for that type of application and then automatically selects the most secure authentication option available to the user according to this ordered preference: Touch ID, Security Key, DUO Push, DUO Mobile Passcode, SMS/Text Passcode, Phone Call.

Timesheet Entry Interactive Videos

Luma has made available interactive videos for timesheet entry. Please view these videos before entering a timesheet.


These are the instructions for how to enter timesheets in Luma on a daily basis for shift employees.  The daily timesheet entry for shift workers allows the employees to enter their start time and ending time, and will calculate their shift pay accordingly.

Luma Timesheet Entry Information

As we progress further with Luma, we are learning more information about timesheet entry which may be different to what may have previously been provided.

For instance, exempt/professional staff and faculty will see their timesheet is prefilled with the timecode ANC and hours for the week when they open up ‘My Timesheet’. The system recognizes these employees as Annual Contract employees, and this code does not need to be changed. When using leave, VAC, SIC, etc. or when there is a holiday in the pay period, those hours DO need to be entered into the timesheet. Simply enter the appropriate timecode and hours, then deduct those hours from the ANC line to bring the weekly hours to 40.

For classified staff and IH employees, you will need to enter a timesheet with the code ACT for the hours worked, and VAC, SIC, etc. for any other hours. Be sure to enter the codes in the Agency, Project, Org Cost Center, Appropriation and Fund fields if needed. If you entered codes into I-Time, you will need to enter them in Luma. If you are not sure, please ask.

For staff members who use NWH over the summer, you need to be sure to enter those hours into your timesheet in order to be paid.

For work study employees, if you received federal or state funding, you will need to use WKS for the timecode. Don’t forget to calculate the 70/30 split and enter the hours accordingly. The additional codes that will need to be entered are in the Agency, Project, Org Cost Center, Appropriation and Fund fields. ALL of these fields require entries, so if you do not know what a particular code should be, please ask.

We are all still learning about Luma, so keep in mind that incorrect or missing codes will cause errors which could delay your paycheck.

Don’t forget a timesaver which will carry forward your hours and codes is “Same As Last Week”. Be sure to correct the hours as needed.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact Jane in payroll, [email protected] or ext. 2204.

Pay stub information through Luma:

A quick reminder that Luma works on a different schedule than the legacy systems, including a change on when employees can view their biweekly paystub.

In I-TIME, employees could view their paystubs a week in advance. In Luma:

  1. Paystubs will be viewable one day before the actual pay date.

When available, Luma paystubs can be found on the Luma statewide homepage, under the Employee Compensation tile (see below)