LC State is an agency of the State of Idaho and is part of the state payroll system. Please contact Payroll at 208-792-2204 for assistance with any payroll questions.

We are on a bi-weekly pay cycle with a two-week lag time. That is, work performed during one pay period will be paid at the end of the following pay period. Regularly scheduled paydays are every other Friday. For more information on payroll, please see policy 3.124 on the policy page.

I-Time is an online application that allows employees to create their own timesheets and self-enter time.  All employees are required to use I-Time to record your hours worked, vacation, and sick leave hours.  You must obtain your individual User ID and password from the Payroll Office by calling 208 792 2204.

For more detailed I-Time coding instructions, please visit the I-Time page

All employees are required to use direct deposit.  To submit direct deposit information or update that information, please manage that from your WarriorWeb login, or contact Payroll.

Your first paycheck is typically mailed to your home address but after that all checks will be direct deposit. Pay stubs are available online with the use of your individual user ID and password that you can obtain from the Payroll Office by calling (208) 792-2204.

Once you have logged in, I-Time, the Net Pay Calculator and W-2s are all found on the State of Idaho Controller's website.

Federal W-4 and Idaho W-4 along with instructions can be found on the Idaho State Tax Commission page

Direct Deposit

Payroll Schedule

2023 Schedule of Working and Observed Holidays