Warning regarding Lewiston water

Updated: 01/26/2023 8:57 AM

Due to a City of Lewiston water issue, do not drink from any water sources (e.g., water fountains) on the Lewiston campus until further notice. 

Faculty Senate Committee Leadership

Gene Straughan, Hearing Board Chair
Jenni Light, Standing Promotion Review Chair
Leanne Parker, Standing Tenure & Promotion Review Chair
Michelle Pearson-Smith, Web Editor

Faculty Senate Representatives
Seth Long
Business & Computer Science
Jenny Scott
Business & Computer Science
Randy Eriksen
Business & Computer Science Alternate
Mike Owen
Business Technology & Service
2021 - 2024
Brian Kolstad
Business Technology & Service2020 - 2023
Sam Coulter
Business Technology & Service Alternate 
Kristy Gonder
Coeur d'Alene

Coeur d'Alene  Alternate
Harold CrookHumanities2021 -2024
Julie Bezzerides
Humanities2022 - 2025
Ian TippetsHumanities Alternate
Jennifer Cromer
Michelle Pearson-Smith
Nursing & Health Sciences
2022 - 2024
Jenna Chambers
Nursing & Health Sciences2022 - 2025
Katie Roberts
Nursing & Health Sciences Alternate
Eric Stoffregen  Physical Life, Movement and Sports Sciences2022-2025
Heather VanMullem
Physical Life, Movement and Sports Sciences2020 - 2023
Clay Robinson
Physical Life, Movement and Sports Sciences Alternate 
Rachelle Genthos
Social Sciences
Leif Hoffmann
Social Sciences2020-2024
Marti Reese/ Gene StraughanSocial Sciences Alternate
Justene Garner (CDA)
Student Services

Soo-Lee Bruce-Smith
Student Services Rep. Alternate
Suzanne RousseauTeacher Education & Math
Thomas HillTeacher Education & Math2022-2025

Teacher Education & Math Alternate
Luke Thomas
Technical & Industrial
Charles Bell
Technical & Industrial2022-2025
Lonny Gehring
Technical & Industrial Alternate
ASLCSC Representative