Faculty Senate Committee Leadership

Gene Straughan, Hearing Board Chair
Casey Blamires, Standing Promotion Review Chair
Tracy Flynn, Standing Tenure & Promotion Review Chair
Michelle Pearson-Smith, Web Editor

Faculty Senate Representatives
Sue HasbrouckBusiness & Computer Science
2019FA - 2022SP 
Polly Knutson
Business & Computer Science
2021FA -2024SP
Seth Long
Business & Computer Science Alternate
Mike Owen
Business Technical Service
2021FA - 2024SP
Brian Kolstad
Business Technical Service2020FA - 2023SP
Sam Coulter
Business Technical Service Alternate 
Kristy Gonder
Coeur d'Alene
2021FA - 2024SP 
Tracey Koch
Coeur d'Alene  Alternate
Lauren Connolly Humanities2019FA - 2022SP 
Harold Crook
Ian TippetsHumanities Alternate
Jennifer Cromer
Erin FayNursing & Health Sciences
2019FA - 2022SP
Scott WimerNursing & Health Sciences2019FA - 2022SP
Jenna Chambers
Nursing & Health Sciences Alternate
Eric Stoffregen  Physical Life, Movement and Sports Sciences2019FA - 2022SP 
Heather VanMullem
Physical Life, Movement and Sports Sciences2020FA - 2023SP 
Clay Robinson
Physical Life, Movement and Sports Sciences Alternate 
Kylee BritzmanSocial Sciences
2019FA - 2022SP
Eric MartinSocial Sciences2020FA - 2022SP
Gene StraughanSocial Sciences Alternate
Justene Garner (CDA)
Student Services
Ted Unziker
Student Services Rep. Alternate
Royal ToyTeacher Education & Math
2019FA - 2022SP
Bill HayneTeacher Education & Math2020FA - 2023SP
Suzanne Rousseau
Teacher Education & Math Alternate
J.R. KokTechnical & Industrial
2019FA - 2022SP
Luke Thomas
Technical & Industrial2021FA-2023SP
Brady ClaussenTechnical & Industrial Alternate