Admission is based on GPA, and patterns of grades earned in prerequisite coursework. The strongest candidates for our program are those who complete courses on the first attempt with better than average grades. Calculate your GPA

Meeting the minimum criteria does not guarantee admission to the program.
Selection CriteriaExplanationMax Points
Cumulative College GPA
Minimum 2.5 on a 4.0 scale
Includes all courses from all colleges, regardless of when they were completed.
Academic achievement is judged by a strong cumulative GPA and the patterns of grades earned.25
Cumulative Science/Statistics GPA
Minimum 2.75 on a 4.0 scale.
Only includes:
Chemistry + lab
Microbiology + lab
Anatomy/Physiology series + lab

Only the most recent grade is counted with repeated coursework. Use our GPA Calculator.


No Repeated Science/Stats Grades

Includes Sci/Stat gpa courses (above) and also Pathophysiology.

A repeat in ANY one of those courses makes you unable to receive these designated points.5

Previous BS/MS/PhD

(Not required)

Prior academic success is valued.5

LC State Student

At least 20 credits completed from LC State at time of application.5

Priority Deadline

Must have NursingCAS application submitted AND fully verified by the posted Priority Deadline for that cycle. 


Total Possible Points