This online track is available to CSI students, allowing you to complete BSN courses while still in your ASN program. It is an efficient pathway to earning a BSN while remaining in your local community.

CSI students can easily apply to LC State by completing the Co-Enrollment/Co-Admission Participation form.

Pre or Post-Licensure Courses

You can view course descriptions in our catalog.

  • NU 318 Nursing Genetics (3 credits)
  • NU 360 Transcultural Healthcare (2 credits)
  • NU 413 Professional Role Development (3 credits)
  • NU 447 Evidence-Based Practice (3 credits, must have passed Stats with a C or better)

If you’re planning to use financial aid, you must be taking 6 credits or more.

Post-Licensure Courses

(Requires a 2.5 overall college GPA and a separate one-time RN-BSN application.)

  • NU 414: Professional Role Development IV (2 cr)
  • NU 440: Population Health Nursing (3 cr)
  • NU 442: Practicum in Population Health (2 cr)
  • NU 469: Healthcare Policy & Economics (2 cr)
  • NU 478: Practicum in Leadership for the RN (2 cr)—not offered in summer