Testing Accommodations

All accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis considering an individual's limitations and the academic demands and responsibilities of residential life at LC State.

You will need to contact Accessibility Services at the beginning of each semester so that appropriate accommodations can be made in a timely manner. Students are strongly encouraged to make this contact within the first two weeks of each semester. This includes filling out the required intake form that indicates the student's need (e.g., extended time to complete exams, assistive technology, etc.).

Students must meet with Accessibility Services every semester to renew their accommodations.

Providing the Accessibility Services staff with appropriate documentation indicating the student's disability and suggested accommodations is often useful to help expedite the accommodation process, although not always mandatory.

All contact information and documentation received is kept confidential and will not be released without written consent.

A student who wishes to receive accommodations for his/her disability must make a request at the Accessibility Services office. Once testing accommodations are assigned, the process is simple.

At the beginning of each semester after you meet with the Accessibility Services office, you must come to Testing Center to pick up your accommodation paperwork.  This paperwork includes a notification for each of your instructors as well as a notification telling us what your testing accommodations are.

To make an appointment for testing using your accommodations:

  1. Contact the Testing Center at 208.792.2100 or fill out the Appointment Request – At LC State Campus Testing Center to schedule tests at least 1 week ahead of time.
    1. Test must be taken the same day and time as the class
      1. Instructor approval is required to test at a time or on a day other than when the class is taking the test.
  2. Arrive for your test 5-10 minutes prior to scheduled start time to check in.
  3. Valid, physical picture ID is required when checking in.
  4. All your personal items will be required to be put in a locker.
    1. This includes, but is not limited to: backpack and bags, purses, cell phone, coat, hat, watch of any type, and all contents of your pockets.
  5. Scratch paper and writing utensils are provided by the Testing Center.
  6. All notes and scratch paper used during an exam are required to be turned in to Testing Center personnel at the end of the exam.
    1. These items are shredded unless the instructor has requested they be attached to the completed exam.
  7. Take your test using your approved testing accommodations.