The Learning Resource Center (LRC) is a free resource for all students enrolled in a Career & Technical Education (CTE) program or course. Our goal is to help make your study time more efficient and improve your success in college courses. Come on in and see what we can offer you!

The LRC provides CTE students:

  • FREE tutoring
  • A large computer lab in the LRC Commons
  • A smaller computer lab in the Quiet Room
  • A textbook library for use in the LRC
  • CTE Course Specific computer programs
  • web cams/headphones are available on the LRC computers
  • Student success workshops such as Learning Styles, Study Skills & Stress Management
  • Large White Boards
  • Free coffee, Cocoa and Tea
  • Positive Support System

Student enrolled in a CTE program or class can also request an individual appointment with a tutor!

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The LRC Commons is used for individual or group study and offers 15 PCs, FREE tutoring, live on-line tutoring, Large areas to study, a whiteboard, whiteboard tables, a text book library, student success workshops, printing, or for just hanging out. There is a snack nook with a coffee pot, tea pot, microwave, and refrigerator all for student use.

The Quiet Room is set up for individual study and offers 8 PCs & 1 Mac, a large whiteboard, a whiteboard table, a book nook and a small couch.

FREE tutoring and proofreading is available to CTE students in person or online. Help is provided in the following areas: accounting, computer skills, business courses, law courses, English, math, presentations, web development, and more. We also help with learning styles, study skills, time management, resume building, stress management and more!

There are 24 PC computers and 1 Apple computer available for use at the LRC. They are updated every semester to house many of the programs/degrees offered by the BTS and T&I Divisions. CTE students may also take advantage of 10 free pages of printing each day.

Student Success Workshops are offered regularly to CTE students and include topics such as: Campus Activities, Study Skills, Learning Styles, Time Management, Stress Relief Strategies, and more. There is also a monthly crock where delicious food is provided by faculty and staff for free.

The LRC also offers the Academic Success & Access Program (ASAP). This is an early alert program that uses a pro-active advising model to promote the retention and graduation of CTE students adding a special emphasis on students at risk and students facing equitable barriers. Refer a student using the link below.

Contact Information

Learning Resource Center

Sam Glenn Complex 218A

500 8th Avenue

Lewiston, Idaho 83501