The following table outlines merit-based scholarships for incoming Idaho Freshmen*.

These renewable scholarships are based on being admitted tentatively by the March 1 Priority Deadline and having your 7th semester or 10th trimester transcripts on file with the Admissions Office.

In the case of budgetary limitations, priority will be given to students based on the date of the completed Aid Offer Letter.

Institutional policy limits students to only one of the following scholarship offers per academic year: Foundation Scholars, Laura Moore Cunningham, LC State Blue Cross Scholar Program or LC State merit scholarships (Presidential, Provost and Dean). Students may, however, be offered other institutional scholarships in combination with these.

Scholarship NameAward Criteria**Award AmountMaintenance CriteriaIncrease Criteria ($500/year)
3.75-4.0 GPA OR
ACT 30/SAT 1400***
3.75 Semester GPA and 
complete 12 credits each semester
3.75 GPA and complete
30 credits annually
3.25-3.74 GPA OR
ACT 22/SAT 1100***
3.25 Semester GPA and 
complete 12 credits each semester
3.25 GPA and complete 
30 credits annually
3.0-3.24 GPA OR
ACT 20/SAT 1020***
3.0 Semester GPA and 
complete 12 credits each semester
3.0 GPA and complete
30 credits annually

*Beginning with the 2018-2019 academic year. Students receiving offers prior to 2018-2019 should review the terms of their scholarship contract. Contact the Financial Aid Office if you have questions.

**ACT is composite score. SAT score is a combination of critical reading and math.

***To be considered based on ACT/SAT scores students must have at least a 2.5 minimum GPA.

  • If students are not able to meet the maintenance criteria for the scholarship they were initially offered, they will automatically drop down to the tier of the GPA they met. Students will not be eligible for the $500 increase if they move down a tier.
    • Example: If you are offered the Provost Scholarship, you must maintain a 3.25 semester GPA and complete 12 credits per semester to continue to receive the scholarship.
  • If you do not meet the GPA requirements for your tier you will move down to the tier of the GPA you met.
    • Example: If you're initially offered the Presidential Scholarship (3.75 GPA), but you only earn a 3.0 semester GPA, you will receive the Dean Scholarship moving forward and not be eligible for annual increases.
  • Your scholarship will stay at the initial offer tier and will not increase to the next tier if you exceed GPA requirements.
    • Example: You've received the Dean Scholarship with a 3.0 GPA. Your first semester you receive a 3.5 GPA. You will continue to receive the Dean Scholarship and not move up to the Provost tier.

  • You must maintain the respective minimum cumulative GPA for the initial scholarship you were offered and complete 30 credits annually (Presidential: 3.75 GPA, Provost: 3.25 GPA, Dean: 3.0 GPA).
  • Increase amount is $500 per year.
  • Failing to meet increase criteria will keep your scholarship amount at the current amount, based on meeting the maintenance criteria.
    • Example: You have the Provost Scholarship. Your freshman year you earn a 3.25 GPA but only complete 26 credits. You will continue to receive the $2000 Provost Scholarship and will not be eligible for any increases moving forward.

This is effective beginning the 2018-2019 academic year. Recipients prior to the 2018-2019 academic year should refer to their Scholarship Contract or the Financial Aid Office for yearly amounts.

  • Scholarships are offered Fall semester directly following high school graduation.
  • Students must meet the scholarship eligibility requirements, enroll as a full-time student for the Fall semester directly following high school graduation from an accredited Idaho institution, and be tentatively admitted by the March 1 Priority Deadline.
  • Students must meet maintenance criteria for each subsequent semester.
  • Students are only eligible to receive one offer.
    • Example: Presidential Scholarship recipients are not eligible to receive the Provost Scholarship as well.

Offers are not official without a completed Aid Offer Letter from the LC State Financial Aid Office.

There are many other scholarships available at LC State.

  • Scholarships are available for various majors, minority students and first-year freshmen. Scholarships are based on academic merit, financial need or a combination of both.
  • Be sure to visit our Scholarship Library for a full listing of LC State Scholarships.
  • If you have any questions please feel free to utilize the Financial Aid Office as a resource by emailing us at [email protected].