Outside Scholarship Processing Instructions

Scholarships offered to LC State students by organizations or businesses external to LC State should be remitted as follows:

  • Checks should be made payable to Lewis-Clark State College. NOTE: checks made payable to the student or both the student and LC State will require the student to endorse the check before it can be processed and may delay processing of the scholarship.
  • The check or enclosed documentation should clearly indicate the payment is for a scholarship.
  • The check or enclosed documentation should reference the student's name, LC State ID number, and scholarship period (specific semester or academic year).
  • If a check includes scholarships for more than one student, please include the scholarship amount for each student in addition to the information outlined previously.
  • Clearly outline any conditions associated with the scholarship, such as enrollment level, program or grade point average, if applicable.
  • Include a current contact name and return mailing address, if different than the address on the check, in the event the scholarship payment needs to be refunded.
  • Mail all scholarship payments to: Lewis-Clark State College, Attn: Financial Aid, 500 8th Avenue, Lewiston, ID 83501.
  • Any questions may be directed to the LC State Scholarship Coordinator at [email protected].