On Campus Mail Policies and Procedures

Please follow the guidelines below to ensure timely delivery.

  • Campus Mail should include recipient’s name AND department. Lack of complete address could result in returned/undeliverable mail.
  • Campus mail must be sorted into the Campus Mail basket. Please don’t mix .
  • Large Campus Mailings should be done in one of the following ways:
    • Addressed pieces must be sorted by department, and rubber banded, paper clipped, or fastened together by some means so they will not separate.
    • Non-addressed fliers do not need to be sorted. These mailings can be dropped off at the mailroom for faculty, staff and residence halls. We currently have 65 mailboxes.

Note: In many cases, any problems associated with mailings can be fixed within the mailroom. If we are unable to solve the problem we will return mail to you so that you will know what is wrong and prevent future mistakes.

Contact Information

Mail Room

Sam Glenn Complex 120

500 8th Avenue

Lewiston, Idaho 83501

Closed for Lunch from 12:00-1:00