Types of Mail & Packages Accepted

  • Letters and Parcels
  • Campus Mail: to any department, division, employee, or resident student. Does not need postage. Please ask if you have questions.
    • Except for: the Coeur d’Alene campus and Outreach Facilities. There isn’t a Campus Mailbox for them. Any mail to them must be posted regular mail. Their address is:

LC State-Coeur d’Alene  

1031 N. Academic Way, Suite 140

Coeur d’Alene  ID, 83814

  • Any stamped U.S. Mail (including Business & Meter Reply Mail).
  • Any unstamped college related mail that needs metered/postage imprinted.
  • UPS, Fed-ex Return Service (RS or ARS)/Pre-Paid shipments
  • We also can process personal mail and packages (UPS or USPS only).

Please note we do not sell stamps from the mail room. The Bookstore does have books of stamps for sale.