Ordering IT Items

The Director of IT must approve all technology purchases.  This includes software, computers, USB flash drives, AV equipment, network infrastructure, computer peripherals such as keyboards, mice and monitors.

I Have a Quote

  1. Is the quote from the IT Department?
    1. No - Contact the Helpdesk to get an official quote
    2. Yes - Move to next question
  2. Do the quantities match what you plan to order?
    1. No - Contact the Helpdesk to get an updated quote
    2. Yes -
      1. Use the Jaggaer punchout menu to locate your quote and add it to your cart. Proceed with the requisition; the PO will be transmitted to the vendor after all approvals have been obtained
      2. If the quote is not from a punchout vendor, enter the requisition as a Non-Catalog item and either attach the quote as an external attachment or reference the quote number in the external comments for the vendor; the PO will be emailed to the vendor after all approvals have been obtained

I Found Something Online

  1. Have you contacted the IT Department to verify it meets IT requirements and is not on the state contract list?
    1. No - Please contact Helpdesk who will work with the IT Director for approval
    2. Yes - I have an email from the IT Director approving the purchase. Move onto the next question.
  2. Are you purchasing via Pcard?
    1. Yes - Save the approval email in your P-Card file and follow the established procedures for placing the order via P-Card
    2. No - Move to next question
  3. Are you purchasing via requisition?
      1. Yes -
        1. Enter a requisition into Jaggaer using either the punchout process or as a Non-Catalog item