Placing Purchase Orders

Orders $1999 and under

For purchases under $2,000, contact Purchasing to get a PO number. All orders must have a PO number.

Orders $2000 and over

For purchases between $2,000 and $9,999.99, enter a req in Colleague, letting the system assign a requisition number. Purchasing will assign a PO number after all approvals have been obtained.

Orders $10,000 and over

Orders over $10,000 must be submitted on a paper requisition, with some exceptions. Please contact Purchasing and ask if you're unsure. (If the items are not on a Statewide Contract, Purchasing will need to solicit quotations.)

If you expect the order to be over $10,000 (in which case solicitations are mandatory), submit a paper requisition with clear and complete specifications/descriptions. If you know which vendors you want included, write them on the requisition.