Communications & Marketing

Logo Usage

Logo Whitespace 

Whitespace around a logo is important as it keeps typography, images, and other elements from crowding an official mark, making a design look too busy and the brand unclear. As a rule of thumb, designers should attempt to maintain whitespace around a logo element that is at least as large as the clock tower flag. This rule should be implemented (albeit it approximated) when using the interlocking LC and any other logo as well.

LC 01 Logo Tower whitespace


Improper Usage (rules apply to all official logos)

To maintain a strong and consistent visual brand, LC State's logos must be used carefully and consistently. The following misuses and all other deviations from branding guidelines are prohibited. If you have questions or need support in placing/using an official logo properly, please contact the Communications & Marketing Department.

Drop Shadow 01 Stetch 01

 Do not add shadows or other effects.


 Do not stretch or pinch the logo.


Change Colors 01

Invert 01

Do not change logo colors. 


Do not manually reverse the color.
Instead use the official white version.
Note: the front of the tower should always be white
(i.e., the sun is hitting it).

Crop 01

Outlines 01

Do not crop the logo. 


Do not add strokes, outlines, glows, etc. to the logo. 


Donotdo Double Stroke

Donotdo White On White

Do not add a second stroke to the interlocking LC. Do not use white logos on light backgrounds. 
Or blue versions on dark backgrounds.


Old Logos

Materials containing old logos that have already been printed can be utilized until January, 2021. However, all new materials must utilize the newest 2020 brand elements. Older logos include these and all other variations:

Donotdo Old Flag Wordmark Donotdo Old Wordmark