Primary Font: Proxima Nova

LC State's primary font is Proxima Nova. The bold, clean, and well-established sans font infuses a contemporary and bold personality into the college's brand. By juxtaposing bold and thin variations, which is the recommended approach, the font can single-handedly serve headline and paragraph needs for nearly any publication. Though purchasing a campus-wide license for the font is under consideration, at present, users can rely on Communications & Marketing and campus print to have access to and to utilize the font as appropriate on your publications

Proxima Nova font family graphic

Backup Primary Font: Arial

When quick access to Proxima Nova is not available, which is the default for most LC State computers, Arial serves as a capable backup. By juxtaposing Arial's regular and bold fonts, a feel similar to Proxima Nova's can be accomplished. For availability reasons, Arial should be used as the primary font for email, PowerPoint, and other digital communications.

Arial font family graphic

Display Font: LC State Sans

The customized font featured in the primary mark and the "Do More" logo is called LC State Sans. The font is strong, bold, and clean and includes small serifs, representing the college's forward motion. LC State Sans, available in Communications & Marketing and campus print, should be used sparingly, ideally in headlines and singular, bold statements which need to stand out. 

LC State Sans font family graphic

Secondary Serif Fonts

The following two serif fonts are approved for secondary uses. Source Serif Pro and Georgia should be used sparingly and only for special purposes such as books and other text-heavy documents which call for the readability of a serif font.

Source Serif font family graphic
Georgia font family graphic