Frequently asked questions

How do I process vendor prepayment requests?

Please contact AP in the controller's office at [email protected] or call ext 2327.

How do I (my department) get paid for expenses?

If a department would like something paid on Wednesday (Jaggaer) Check Run, they must have the request approved, receipted, and invoice provided (if applicable) by the end of Monday that week. Please add all attachments correctly (see link provided; https://www.lcsc.edu/media/12622/how-to-attach-an-invoice-to-po-and-notify-ap.pdf).  If this is for AP to process, please make sure to add Calahan McAlister, Amanda Taylor, and Catherine O'Shaughnessy to the comments. This will allow AP, Travel, and Jane (ICP) Tuesday to complete all of their invoicing and allow time to review the vouchers before payment is issued on Wednesday. Jaggaer Check Run will start on 10am on Wednesday, no later. If a department adds their receipts, on Tuesday, there is no guarantee that it will get processed that week for the check run.