Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable staff strives to process all (non-payroll) disbursements of funds in an accurate, timely, and professional manner. Release of student funds is managed by Student Accounts. We adhere to Institutional and State policies and procedures. Please contact a staff member at [email protected] with any questions.

We print checks twice a week. Appropriated funds (GL fund 10) are paid out on Wednesdays and all other payments are on Thursdays. General processing time requires valid invoices and purchase orders to be in Accounts Payable's possession by Friday morning of the week before payment. Time-sensitive requests for invoices that missed the Friday deadline can be accepted up until 3 PM the day before the check's anticipated printing, but please directly contact an Accounts Payable staff member in these circumstances. Prepayments must be pre-authorized and are only processed if there are no other options
While Accounts Payable prints all LC State checks, all questions about payments to students are best directed to Student Account Services.
Have an unanswered questions? E-mail [email protected] or call 208 792 2202.

Experience (formerly WebNow) is the document imaging system utilized by Accounts Payable. You can find scans of completed Travel Authorization Forms, invoices over $100, and Inter-Department Charges (IDG, IDP, IDW, IDM). Employees can request more detailed information on document types and instructions for using Experience from the Accounts Payable staff. Experience is also utilized by the Registrar's Office for student information. Experience works with all browsers, but you must be on campus or using VPN to access information. 

As part of the Controller's Office, Accounts Payable helps LC State maintain compliance with state and institutional financial policies. The following institutional policies directly related to Accounts Payable processing include:
The most recent versions of all LC State policies are on the Policies page. 
The most recent versions of any necessary paperwork for the above policies can be found on the Controller's Office Forms page. 

To make payment to an individual or vendor, Lewis-Clark State College must receive a valid receipt or invoice before processing payment.

An acceptable receipt/invoice has the following attributes:

  1. Vendor name and remittance address
    -For receipts, if this information is not printed on the receipt, ask the vendor to stamp or print the business name and address on the receipt.
  2. Date of purchase
    -The purchase date should not exceed 30 days prior to submitting for payment.
  3. Detailed description of the purchase
    -Itemized descriptions for each item purchased, including quantity and price
  4. Total amount paid
    a. Sales tax should not be included on any purchases of goods or services received in Idaho
    b. Sales tax can be reimbursed for out of pocket purchases made by an individual via cash advance or as a travel expense
  5. Method of Payment
    a. Invoices should show that the transaction is a direct bill to Lewis-Clark State College and the full amount due.
    b. For travel reimbursement and for receipts for cash advances, the receipt should reflect payment in full.

Additional points

  • A gratuity on approved meal expenses may be included. The gratuity can be handwritten on the detailed restaurant receipt. 15-18% is acceptable. Max allowable is 20% pre-tax.
  • Lewis-Clark State College or LC State must be listed first. Individuals should be listed after the college or not at all.
  • If the payment method is a personal card, the receipt should have the person's name along with the last 4 digits of the credit card.
  • Credit card slips are not a valid receipts unless accompanied by a detailed receipt.
  • E-mail receipts must identify all five items listed above and have the business name in the e-mail address. Please forward entire e-mail chains directly from the vendor to [email protected] for digital invoices.
  • All receipts must clearly be from a third party source with detailed descriptions of the relevant purchases.

IDs, or inter-departmental charges are for services or goods purchased between departments. IDs are not used to reclassify charges or move funds between accounts.

ID types

  • IDG - General: for general charges between two accounts
  • IDM - Multiple: for charges for one transaction to multiple accounts with all revenue going to one account
  • IDP - Printing: for print charges from the Graphic Communications Printshop
  • IDW - Workorder: for Physical Plant workorder charges

IDP forms are available in the Graphic Communications Printshop in Sam Glenn 113. All other ID forms are available in the Controller's Office in Admin 103.

To look up IDs in Colleague:

  • Go to VOUI
  • In the voucher lookup field type: VOU.DEFAULT.INVOICE.NO EQ 'IDG#123456'
    • You must type the correct ID type and use the # sign.

To look up IDs in Experience:

  • Log into Experience
  • Select the Documents tab
  • Select the By ID# in the department tree on the left
  • Input the ID number
    • Example: IDP#18446
    • You must type the ID type and use the # sign
  • Double click on the results to view the scan of the form

As of November 1, 2018 LC State no longer processes reimbursements to employees outside of travel claims. To ensure prior approval, cash advances are processed instead.

Prior to a Cash Advance:

  • Fully prepared cash advance requests must be received by Accounts Payable no later than 12 noon on the Tuesday before the advance is needed. 
  • PRRs or MERs (if needed) must be approved by the correct authorities and received by Accounts Payable prior to the advance.
  • All employees must have direct deposit to receive an advance. If a paper check is necessary, it must be requested.
  • State Contracts and all other Purchasing guidelines and requirements still apply. Individuals can be held responsible for violations and may owe the college for improperly used funds.
  • Due to internal processing procedures, all advances, regardless of fund type, are processed on Thursdays.

Process for a Cash Advance

  • Enter a Requisition to the individual 
    • Include: All the necessary details for the event and type of purchase (who, what, when, where, why)
  • Receive the advance via direct deposit or if requested, paper check
  • Make the necessary purchases
    • Purchases must be made after the advance is processed. Receipts with prior dates are invalid for an advance.
  • Return the receipts and and change to Accounts Payable within two weeks
    • Clarify in note or memo any odd, not clearly identified on the receipt, or potentially questionable items on the receipts if necessary
    • Accounts Payable will reconcile the receipts and deposit any remaining funds back in the original account.
    • Any expenses in excess of the advance are not reimbursable
    • Advance estimates should be closely calculated. Returning more than $50 in change may result in a loss of cash advance privileges.

Vendors may request or require completion of a credit application before they will allow a direct billing. Departments are not authorized to complete or sign any credit application. Please forward these requests to Accounts Payable. Please allow reasonable processing time and use your P-card when possible. Not all credit applications are approved so please allow ample time to make alternate purchasing plans if necessary.

All employees are required to sign up for Direct Deposit in order to receive travel payments or other funds processed through the Controller's Office. Funds are deposited directly into your bank account. Direct deposit is quicker, safer, and cheaper for the college to process.

This direct deposit is separate from Payroll and must be submitted via Warrior Web. Once you are logged in, select My Banking Information under Financial Information and enter the necessary information. At this time, LC State does not offer ACH or direct deposit for vendor payments.

To protect our all LC State employees, Controller's Office staff are unable to edit or view the banking information entered on Warrior Web and employees (and students) are responsible for their own information. There are weekly submission deadlines and your payment may be delayed if you do not have valid and accurate information entered.