Employee Travel

The Controller's Office staff assists with travel policy interpretation, advances, reimbursements, and other employee travel related transactions. We process and audit travel expense claims in compliance with Institutional and State policies and procedures. If you do not find the necessary information to facilitate financial aspects of travel activities while on official LC State business, please call the Financial Manager at (208)792-2206 or e-mail [email protected].

Quick Travel Info

The primary documents for authorized LC State Travel are found below. Please visit the Training and Frequently Asked Questions tab of this menu for additional directions on how to utilize these forms.

Travel Authorization

Travel Expense beginning Feb 1, 2024

Travel Expense prior to Feb 1, 2024

Travel Procedure Manual

Travel Policy 4.101

Cabinet Members for Authorization

Additional delegations and relevant forms can be found on Additional Travel Forms and Delegations in this drop down menu or on the Forms page.

Travel Approval Delegation form is used to delegate authority to approve travel authorization and related expense claims on behalf of the President.

Vehicle Use Agreements are managed by Security and must be completed prior to using a rental vehicle or LC State owned vehicle on behalf of the college.

State Travel Mileage Chart is standard mileage between select Idaho locations. If the location is listed, the mileage on this chart is the maximum allowable.

Sample Travel Mileage Log is a optional template for recording mandatory mileage for relevant travel claims. Other formats may be acceptable so please check with [email protected] if you have an alternate form you wish to use.

Per Diem Calculator assists in calculating the correct in-state per diem.


Training Video

Recorded April 26, 2021, the travel training video covers recent updates to the Travel Procedures Manual for policy 4.101, demonstrates the new travel forms, and answers a few frequently asked questions.

Flowcharts and Reference Guides

Travel Authorization Reference Guide

Travel Authorization Approval Flowchart

Travel Expense Claim Reference Guide

Travel Expense Claim Approval Flowchart

President's Cabinet

Frequently Asked Questions

A TN or Travel Number is required for all direct bill employee travel expenses that are not put on a P-card. It functions in the same way a purchase order number works, but is only for employee travel expenses. Please call 208 792 2206 or e-mail [email protected] if you are trying to facilitate employee travel and need a TN number. Trips must be fully approved and authorized before you request a TN number.

The current mileage rate for personal vehicles approved by the State Board of Examiners is .67 cents per mile, effective February 1, 2024.

Some locations have standardized mileage. Please use the State of Idaho Mileage Chart.

The mileage to the Schweitzer Career & Technical Education Center has also been standardized. The route traveling via 11th Ave, 21st Street, and Thain Road has been established as 4.4 miles one way.

Need more information? Please review the travel policy 4.101 on the Policy page or e-mail [email protected].

Below is a quick summary of LC State travel per diem rate. For more detailed information, please visit 4.101 on the Policy page and read the Travel Procedure Manual.

The Per Diem Calculator is also available for use.

  • Daily Per Diem Reimbursement
    • In-State - $55 per day max (do not use federal per diem website)
    • Out-of-State - $59 per day
      • Unless the destination city is listed on the federal per diem website
      • Any travel destination that has a daily federal per diem rate of $75 or higher needs to be supported with original, hard-copy, detailed receipts. The IRS scrutinizes higher per diem rates as possible taxable income to the traveler. For these locations, a lesser amount (up to $74) may be claimed and no receipts are required.
  • Partial Day Per Diem Reimbursement
    • According to I.R.S. regulations, meal reimbursement for travel of less than 24 hours that does not require an overnight stay must be reported as taxable income.  The I.R.S. considers these meal costs as “personal” rather than “business” expenses and the reimbursements are subject to federal, state and applicable Social Security taxes.
    • Breakfast
      • If the actual departure time is 7:00 AM or before or the return time is 8:00 AM or after.
      • 25% of total per diem rate maximum
        • In-state: $13.75
        • Out-of-State: $14.75 or 25% of Federal Rate
    • Lunch
      •  If the actual departure time is 11:00 AM or before or if the return time is 2:00 PM or after.
      • 35% of total per diem rate maximum
        • In-state: $19.25
        • Out-of-State: $20.65 or 35% of Federal Rate
    • Dinner
      • If the actual departure time is 5:00 PM or before or if the return time is 7:00 PM or after.
      • 55% of total per diem rate maximum
        • In-state: $30.25
        • Out-of-State: $32.45 or 55% of Federal Rate

All employees are required to sign up for Direct Deposit in order to receive travel payments or other funds processed through the Controller's Office. Funds are deposited directly into your bank account. Direct deposit is quicker, safer, and cheaper for the college to process.

This direct deposit is separate from Payroll and must be submitted via Warrior Web. Once you are logged in, select My Banking Information under Financial Information and enter the necessary information. At this time, LC State does not offer ACH or direct deposit for vendor payments.

To protect our all LC State employees, Controller's Office staff are unable to edit or view the banking information entered on Warrior Web and employees (and students) are responsible for their own information. There are weekly submission deadlines and your payment may be delayed if you do not have valid and accurate information entered.