General Accounting

The Controller's Office maintains the general ledger, prepares audit and other financial reporting papers, and handles fixed asset recording.

The College maintains its general ledger on Colleague. The general ledger provides a record of every financial transaction. The Controller's Office prepares various financial statements using this information. The Controller's Office assigns general ledger accounts to departments based on the purpose of the account.  Please submit these forms to the Financial Manager.

New Account Request

General Ledger Account Change

Changes to transactions already posted to the general ledger require a journal entry.

There is a 60 day deadline for requesting journal entry changes to accounts.

Expenses on a fund 10 can only be moved to another fund 10, not to any other type of fund.

Please review your general ledger accounts frequently (at least monthly) and contact the Controller's Office at [email protected] in a timely manner with questions and requests.

In your request please include:

  • The current account that is incorrect
  • The "new"/correct account
  • The voucher number of the original charge
  • The dollar amount
  • A short explanation of why the change is requested
  • Authorization for the "new" account if necessary

Lewis-Clark State College has a significant investment in fixed assets, including land, building, and equipment. These assets are utilized to support the primary mission of the college.  LC State must safeguard, control, and dispose of fixed assets in accordance with State and Federal regulations, audit requirements, and generally accepted accounting principles.

Receiving donations of, buying, selling, and the transfer of fixed assets all require specific steps. Please visit the Foundation's Donation Page, the Fixed Assets page, and Purchasing's Disposal of Property page for more detailed information.

P-Cards are issued and managed by Purchasing. Please visit their P-card page or contact the Purchasing office with questions regarding the P-card program.

The Financial Manager handles the P-card upload to the general ledger. If you need an adjustment to an account used on a P-card charge after the monthly sweep of Works, please contact the Controller's Office.