Recognized Student Clubs & Organizations (RSCO)

Get More Out Of College...Get Involved!

Studies have shown that involvement in co-curricular activities like student clubs and organizations benefit a student's academic success. 

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Recognized Student Clubs & Organizations (RSCO) categories range from professional, honorary, and academic, to social, cultural, political, and religious. Join a student led club or organization to develop transferable skills and to DO MORE with your college experience.

Explore the clubs and organizations we currently offer. 

Start a New Club

Can't find a club or org you're interested in, have you thought about creating your own?!

Follow the 3 + 1 rule: all you need is yourself, two friends and a LC State faculty or staff advisor and to fill out the registration form in Do More


Creating a Recognized Student Organization is simple.

  1. Gather three founding members (yourself and two friends)
  2. Find a LC Faculty or Staff Advisor
  3. Draft a RSO Constitution
  4. Log into Do More
  5. Click Create Organization and complete the required form
  6. Complete the required training

One of the most beneficial aspects of getting involved on campus is that it offers you to connect with your peers and the chance to develop and build skills that you wouldn't get to otherwise. 

Many of our Student Organizations meet once a month.

The choice is yours, some students opt to be an active member in one organizations whereas some students opt to be an active leader and officer in numerous organizations.

The time you put into an organization reflects how much you will get back.

There are three types of Affiliated Student Organizations. Which earn a direct Student Fee:

  1. Student Government
  2. Student Event Council
  3. Student Media (Newspaper, Literary Review and Radio Station)

There are eight types of Recognized Student Organizations:

  1. Academic-Honorary
  2. Academic-Major
  3. Professional
  4. Community/Civic Service
  5. Special Interests
  6. Cultural/Ethnic
  7. Religious/Spiritual
  8. Sport Clubs

RSCO Resources

Contact Information

The Office of Student Involvement

Student Union Building/Center For Student Leadership 220

500 8th Avenue

Lewiston, Idaho 83501