Need to stay on campus during one of the breaks?

Fall Break Stay Application - Application is closed and will re-open each October.

Winter Break Stay Application - Application is closed and will re-open each November.  Applications accepted only until the Wednesday one week prior to break.

Spring Break Stay Application - Application is closed and will re-open each February.

Fall/Spring Break Stay FAQs

  • Will I lose door access during Fall/Spring Break? No, Fall/Spring Breaks are during our contract period, so students are welcome to be here.  We do need ALL students who plan to be here during Fall/Spring Break to fill out an application, because we need to keep an accurate count for emergency purposes.  If you do not fill out an application, you may not be allowed to stay for break.
  • Fall/Spring Break Dining Service and Meals Provided? Dining services are closed from the Friday break starts, breakfast service the last meal, through the Sunday break ends, dinner service being the first meal.
  • Will there be on-call support?  The duty phone will be available for calls, as well as Public Safety.
  • Can I still receive mail and packages?  Mail is still delivered to campus, but is held in the mail room until break is over.
  • What is the guest policy? Non-resident guests are prohibited during breaks. Overnight guests are not permitted.

Winter Break Stay FAQs

  • Will I lose door access during Winter Break?  Yes, Winter Break is not within the contract period, so all students are required to be checked out of their dorm room by noon on the last day of the semester. College Place is required to turn in keys before you leave, the rest of the dorms will have their building access turned off until Spring Semester resumes.  If you need to stay during break, you are required to submit an application.
  • Does it cost to stay during Winter Break?  Yes, once you submit your application, we will let you know your cost.  Payment is due by the last Friday of the semester.
  • Dining Services Availability? There are no dining services during winter break.  Beginning December 17th at lunch until January 13th at lunch, dining services are closed. The Warrior Panty is available to ALL students who need help.  Please visit their website to see hours during break.
  • Emergency and Lock out services? Public Safety will be your primary call during breaks, 208-792-2815.
  • Mail Services?  Mail will still be delivered to the campus mail room, but will be held there until Spring Semester begins.  If you are not returning to LC State, we will try to work with you to forward your mail for 2 weeks and then all non-returning resident mail will be returned to sender.
  • Guests and Quiet Hours? No guests are allowed for students who are approved to stay during break. No overnight stays are allowed.  24 hour quiet hours are in place during breaks.