FAQ's and Residence Life Policies

Okay, we know they aren't fun or exciting, but there are rules and guidelines for every experience. Please make sure you familiarize yourself with the rules, but first, here is a list of the most common questions we get.

Yes. You must have been issued at least tentative acceptance from the Admissions Office, completed and signed the License Agreement, and paid the $200 deposit before a room is assigned. Students are allowed to register for classes throughout the year, but you cannot be issued a room unless you have been accepted for admission to Lewis-Clark State College.

Your Name
Lewis-Clark State College
500 8th Avenue
Your residence hall and room #
Lewiston, ID 83501

Maintenance Request.  When possible we respond within 24 hours (light bulbs, smoke detectors, clogs) but for more involved things it could take up to 72 hours.  If has been more than 72 hours and we haven't responded call or email Residence Life to check on the status.  Please note that if you submit over the weekend or during a break, it will take longer since we are closed.  If it is an emergency (water flowing unchecked is ALWAYS an emergency!!!) please call security on the weekends.

All bedrooms come with a twin extra long bed, desk, chair, wardrobe or closet, and dresser.

College Place: only your bedroom furniture and a microwave and refrigerator are provided.  You and your roommates will need to provide any common area furniture you want to bring.

Clearwater Hall: in addition to bedroom furniture you are provided a sofa, coffee table, dining table and chairs, full size refrigerator and microwave in the common area.

Parrish Hall, York House, Education Houses: All common area furniture is provided (couches, end tables, kitchen/dining tables, TV).

Yes! You can bring a microwave as long as it is not greater than 700 watts.  There are microwaves provided in the suite kitchens, or common area kitchens if you can't bring one.  For mini refrigerators, please make sure they are less than 3 feet tall and/or no larger than 4.6 cubic feet.  Common area kitchens have full-size refrigerators as well.

The Center for Student Leadership/Student Union Building handles all ID cards.  Please visit them when you are on campus to get it. You will need to have your ID card before any office can talk to you about your account, and to use your meal plan, so make sure you have this as soon as possible.

There is free, unsecured wifi on campus for all guests to use, when you visit please ask any staff member about how to access it.  Once you move in there is free, secured wifi for all students to use.  During high usage times, for example finals, LCSC IT will prioritize Internet bandwidth use, the priority is academic sites first, and entertainment sites second (ie, Netflix, HULU, etc).

The lounges in all of the halls have cable.  Cable is not provided anywhere else, as nearly all students use wifi to access streaming sites now.

Your parking permit may be purchased from the Security Office which is located on the main floor of Meriwether Lewis Hall (MLH). You will need your driver's license and car license plate number for the permit. You will need to first complete the form on the Security website, once that is done, the site will give you a confirmation number to give the security office.

NO - AQUARIUM FISH are the only pets allowed in the residence halls. We do not allow any turtles, frogs, hermit crabs or any other aquarium living pet.

Lost keys must be reported immediately to Residence Life. Some students have metal keys and some students have access through their LCSC Warrior One card.  Pricing for the keys are as follows:

Metal Room or Building Key: $75

Mailbox Key: $25

ID Card or Salto Fob: $10

Lockouts: The first three lockouts per semester are free.  After that, the charge is $5 each time for each additional lock out.

Please refer to the Residence Life Policies for further questions you may have and for the rules each student living on campus must know and follow.  And while we are talking about rules, here is LCSC's Student Code of Conduct and Title IX information (sexual assault / sexual harassment).