LC State Residence Life has a limited amount of summer housing spaces for rent for LC State students.  Students may apply to live in summer housing so long as they have a purpose for staying. Students should have a job or summer internship while they are here.  Priority is given to Spring dormitory residents before incoming students.  Non-residents of the dorms and non-students are not eligible for student summer housing.

All standard campus policies, as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct and Residence Life Policies, apply to summer residents. Any students found in violation of any of these policies will be subject to the standard judicial consequences and will be required to leave summer housing.


All summer stay students are housed in our Parrish House, normally, but for the 2024 summer, Parrish may be off-line.  We are still working on details about where we will move summer housing at this time.

Moving Into and Out of Summer Housing

  • If you are living on campus for the Spring semester and plan to move directly into summer housing then you must plan to be on campus the first full weekend after the semester ends, usually one week after semester ends. If you plan to stay on campus from the end of the semester you move, Residence Life will register you as a late stay so you can stay on campus from your last final through the start of summer.

  • If you are living on campus for the Fall semester and plan to continue summer work beyond the first weekend of August then you must plan to be on campus for the entire fall transition period (first week of August).  As soon as your fall room is ready, we will contact you via email and you will have 48 hours to move and return your summer room key.

  • If you will not be living on-campus for the Fall semester then you must leave summer housing by no later than August 2.

Summer Housing Rules and Regulations

All summer residents are required to follow the policies and procedures of the Student Code of Conduct as well as Residence Life policies and procedures. The following are additional provisions established specifically for summer residents:

  • Rent is charged at a rate of $25/night or a discounted rate of $491.66/month, if staying for the entire summer, per occupancy of a single occupancy room. Occupancy means either you or your belongings are in the room. Rent is charged until the Wednesday of Fall move in for August if a student is living with us for Fall semester.  If a student is not contracted to live with us for fall semester, the move out date is August 2.
  • In the event of absence from the room, rent must still be paid. If you will be leaving during a portion of the summer and wish to avoid paying rent during that time, you must take all of your belongings with you and must properly check out with the office of Residence Life. Any articles found in a room, hallway, or lounge areas after a student has moved out, or after the date of occupancy has passed, will become the property of the College and will be disposed of.  Only residents of the room should have furniture in the room. Storing belongings for individuals not in summer housing is not recommended. Students will be charged for removal of personal items.
  • No person other than the student(s) assigned to the room shall occupy the room. 
  • The room will be maintained in good condition; please submit a maintenance request in the event of mechanical or other maintenance problems.
  • Custodians, Physical Plant and Public Safety work may necessitate access to summer residences.  The office of Residence Life reserves the right to offer such access without prior notification in order to accomplish ongoing maintenance or safety work. However, we will attempt to contact residents ahead of time to inform them of what needs to take place if at all possible.
  • The residence hall will be locked, and residents will be given access via Salto fob. In the interest of personal safety and property protection, all summer residents agree not to loan Salto fobs to anyone and agree not to prop open any outside doors to the building at any time.  Additionally, ground level windows are not to be used as entrances to the building. Only approved entrances to the building will be used, any violation of this will result in termination of summer stay with no refund being offered of fees paid.
  • As the building will be locked, only summer residents will have access to the inside of the building. Therefore, the summer residents will be responsible for any damage that occurs and for missing items in the building during the period of occupancy. Damage and extra cleaning fees will be prorated to all residents.
  • Pets are not permitted. Anyone found to have a pet (other than fish) will be in violation of the student conduct code and subject to eviction, in addition to judicial consequences.  Furthermore, they will be responsible for all costs resulting from any needed cleaning and fumigation. Visiting pets are also not allowed.  If you have an ESA/Comfort/Service Animal, please contact Accessibility Services.
  • All Summer Residents will be held accountable for excessive noise or other disturbance. Any behavior not in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth in the LC State Student Code of Conduct or Residence Life Policies will result in removal from campus housing. 
  • All Summer Residents must vacate their assigned room and return their keys to the Office of Residence Life on the date set by Residence Life for end of summer. Failure to return your key by this time will result in a charge of $125 for each unreturned key.
  • The College reserves the right to terminate the summer lease at any time without cause.

How to Apply for Summer Housing

Summer Housing Application - application closed. Opens in mid-spring semester.