As one of our two traditional style halls, Clark hall offers an inclusive and social experience.  Residents are typically found gathering in the common areas, or if they are in their rooms, their doors are open to allow friends to stop by and visit.

Clark Hall Dorm Room

About Clark Hall

Clark Hall is a traditional style hall that was built in 1955. Located on the south side of campus, it is near the athletic center, T & I buildings, and baseball field. It offers two common gathering areas that have amenities like couches, cable television, and ping pong. Each bedroom has a window air conditioner unit. There is a shared kitchen in the basement. Each floor has their own bathroom and showers.

On Campus:  Yes

Room Types:  Singles, Doubles, Triples

Available to:  All class levels

Capacity:  85, Co-ed by floor

Size: 9'3" x 12'2" on average

Staff:  5 Resident Assistants, 1 Residence Director

Parking: Parking is located in 4th Street main campus parking lot or 11th Ave small parking lot.

Meal Plans: Meal Plan 1 or Meal Plan 2 required.

Meet the Resident Advisors of Clark Hall

Clark Hall Resident Director Mattie Drobish

Mattie Drobish

Clark Residence Director

Major: Radiographic Science

Hometown: Orofino, ID

Email: [email protected]

Clark Hall Resident Advisor Emberlynn Mack

Emberlynn Mack

Floor: Clark Basement

Major: Kinesiology / Secondary Education

Hometown: Vancouver, WA

Email: [email protected]

Clark Hall Resident Advisor Cornelius Sia

Cornelius Sia

Floor: 1st

Major: Biology, minor in Chemistry

Hometown:  Sarawak, Malaysia

Email: [email protected]

Clark Hall Resident Advisor Grace Osborne

Grace Osborne

Floor: DK Wing 

Major: Kinesiology

Hometown: Grants Pass, OR

Email: [email protected]

Clark Hall Resident Advisor Jasper Luce

Jasper Luce

Floor: 2nd

Major: Secondary Education

Hometown: Boise, ID

Email: [email protected]

Clark Hall Resident Advisor Gabriel Lazcano

Gabriel Lazcano

Floor:  3rd


Hometown: California & Washington State

Email: [email protected]