The Education Living and Learning Program is our first venture into a housing community that blends academic and daily life through classes, volunteering activities, and mentoring.

Education Living and Learning House
Education Living and Learning House

About Education Living and Learning

Located one block east of campus, the two neighboring houses that make up the Education Living and Learning Community come fully furnished with common area furniture and bedroom furniture, plus a range of outdoor items to help provide a comfortable experience.

The goal of this community is to support students for success through the community built in the houses, volunteer work, and extra learning opportunities from a collaboration with the Elementary Education faculty and retired community mentors.

On Campus:  No, 1 block East of campus

Room Types:  Singles and Doubles

Available to:  All class levels

Capacity:  9

Size: 9'3" x 12'2" on average

Staff:  1 Lead who helps coordinate with faculty and mentor group for activities

Parking: Street parking available (must follow city guidelines), or 8th Avenue campus parking lot located less than 1/2 block away.

Meal Plans: Meal Plan 1, Meal Plan 2 or Meal Plan 3 required.

More Information

Students who live in these houses will work closely with the Education faculty have enriching experiences outside of the classroom. Once a month a faculty member will come to the house to put on a program, hang out, and talk about their experience teaching - or anything they (or the houses) want to discuss.

There is also a monthly community service component where everyone from the house will do a service project together that will help the houses foster a relationship with the surrounding community and with each other.

One additional benefit to this Living and Learning Community is there is a robust group of retired teachers in the community who are excited to work with future teachers and help provide mentoring, experience and guidance to the the group.

Residence Life provides some basic small appliances and a few dishes, pots and pans, and silverware.  Students need to supplement items that they need.

Residence Life has furnished all the rooms in the house, with the residents comfort in mind.  Decorations reflect the residents education majors, so they are also items that can be useful when creating lesson plans.

The bedrooms come fully furnished, but provide a lot of opportunity for each tenant to personalize the space to make the room feel like home.

Meet the Education House Resident Assistant

Education House Resident Assistant Brooklyn Menti

Brooklynn Menti

Resident Assistant

Major: Elementary Education

Hometown: Spirit Lake, ID

Email: [email protected]