Lewiston water update

Updated: 01/27/2023 9:31 AM

The City of Lewiston has announced that Lewiston residents can again consume tap water as normal. Water consumption on LC State's campus returns to normal.

Annice Edmundson Faculty Excellence Award

Recognizes high academic standards with a particular focus on excellence in teaching and mentoring students.


All full-time and part-time (non-adjunct part-time) LCSC faculty members are eligible for the Annice Edmundson Faculty Excellence Award.


This award recognizes a faculty member who meets the highest standards of academic excellence with a particular focus on excellence in teaching and mentoring students, as demonstrated by student evaluations and by evaluations conducted by the immediate supervisor.


Deans for Liberal Arts and Sciences, Professional Studies, and Career & Technical Education submit their nominations to the Provost's office. The recipient is selected by the Provost and the President.

Past Recipients

2022Beverly Kloepfer, Julee Moore, Ben Morton
2021Ayodeji Arogundade, Jennifer James, Manee Moua
2020Marlowe Daly-Galeano, Debbie Goodwin and John R. Kok
2019Darci Graves, Cara Thompson and Jenna Chambers
2018Victoria Boubel, Peter Remien and Rachelle Genthos
2017Kerensa Allison
2016Nina Peterson
2015Cliff Matousek
2014Jacob Hornby