Professional Staff Award for Excellence

Exemplary service by a member of the Professional Staff after at least two years in an exempt position demonstrating commitment, collegiality, teamwork, and community involvement. Nominations solicited by PSO; recipient determined by PSO.

Please submit nominations to the PSO President [email protected].

Past Recipients

2023Tiffany Pilon
2022Alaina Porquis
2021Loralee Ohrtman
2020Dawn Lesperance
2019Julia Barrett
2018Courtney Toth
2017Logan Fowler
2016Elizabeth Weldy and Lori Ruddell
2015Gregory Pearce
Daniel White
2013Vikki Swift
2012Kristy Roberts
2011Travis Osburn
2010Joan Bowen and Lori Ruddell
2009Celeste McCormick
2008Diane Douglas
2007Ryan Gill
2006Bob Hopkins
2005Andrew Hanson
2004Whitney Pugh
2003Jamie White
2002Kathy Martin
2001Debra Lybyer
2000Bob Sobotta
1999Tom Matney
1998Patricia Clyde
1997Ken Harris
1996Leslie Esselburn
1995Paul Krause
1994Scott Brown and Bob Hopkins
1993Harriet Rojas
1992Kent Kinyon