Fernández Faculty Excellence Endowment


All full-time and part-time LCSC faculty members with five years of teaching experience at LC State for outstanding teaching, scholarship, or service are eligible for the J. Anthony and Diane Fernández Faculty Excellence Endowment. Please contact the Provost's Office at [email protected] if you question a nominee’s eligibility.


This award recognizes a faculty member who meets the highest standards of academic excellence in instruction, leadership, or scholarship.


The annual awardee will be selected by the President in consultation with the Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs.  Nominations addressing the nominee's excellence in any or all of the categories of instruction, leadership and scholarship are welcome.

Past Recipients

2023Leanne Parker, Peter Remien, Randal Eriksen
2022Bill Hayne, Marte White
2021Leif Hoffmann, Gene Straughan
2020Laura Earles
2019Amanda Van Lanen
2018David Massaro
2017Ella-Mae Keatts
2016Matthew Johnston