President's Award for Excellence in Diversity and Cross-Cultural Understanding

The President’s Award for Excellence in Diversity and Cross-cultural Understanding was established to recognize those who have made exceptional contributions to multicultural recruitment and retention efforts, and to increasing multicultural understanding at Lewis-Clark State College.

Past Recipients

2022Evelyn Carter
2021Joyce McFarland
2020Sarah Graham
2019Kerensa Allison
2018Bessie Scott and Florence Davis
2017Colleen Mahoney
2016Heather Van Mullem
2015Eleanor Downey
2014Sam White-Temple
2013Christopher Riggs
2012Harold Crook
2011Ray Esparsen
2010Rhett Diessner
2009Cindy Carter
2008Kathy Grussing
2007Bill Hayne
2006Steve Bussolini
2005Pat Clyde
2004Bob Sobotta
2003Alan Marshall
2002Kai Fong
2001Steve Evans